Press Release: Rebellion on the Pirate Ship Extinguished!

In Vesti on 19. September 2012. at 16:33

This Release was written at the time the website piratskapartija.com was redirected to piratskapartija.wordpress.com due to attempted hijacking of the website and other web services by a radical right-conservative wing, which emerged for a moment within the pirates and which has been removed.

“The so-called “Pirate Movement” which these conservative right-wingers are founding is clearly expressly intolerant of minorities, especially of Roma people and sexual minorities. They clearly stated their intolerant attitude and defended it on Facebook, using a hijacked FB account of the Pirate Party: https://www.facebook.com/Piratska/posts/10151204285076187 After a few days of negotiations, the group refused to return the Facebook account to the Pirate party, so we had to act by clearly dissociating ourselves from this dysfunctional and potentially dangerous group of people.”, says Aleksandar Blagojević, the leader and founder of the Pirate Party for this Press Release.

The Pirate Party dissociates itself from this shameful and radical-right wing group, led by Marko Mitrović and other conservative rebels: Boris Prpić, Aleksandar Danilović, Maja Asanović, Goran Đukanović, Nenad Lazarov and Veselin Stojanovski.
“Let me remind you that the attempt to found an NGO in March this year http://www.seecult.org/vest/osnovan-piratski-pokret, was sabotaged by the incompetency of this group of people, who lead the current rebellion on our pirate ship, which we successfully extinguished earlier this week. We managed to save all the web services and data. Currently, we are repairing the website and the pirate platform on another server. Tempestuous times always teach us something new and this time, we are rewarding you with our contribution to knowledge and data sharing: http://pirati.rs/ This is currently the simplest help to TPB, while Serbian pirate cyber kung foo shall be presented very soon.” Blagojević continues.

A little reminder about the Pirates of Serbia:
The Pirates in Serbia are an oppositional unregistered collective of thinking people who actively work against this corrupted and criminal system. Our politicians are all, without exception, criminals who take their turns in waves and successively abolish our options for future and development. In accordance with that, the Pirates declare an open war against the current government and the crime. The Pirates do not live locally, let alone think in terms of concepts such as nations or traditional political parties. The whole planet is our home, we have friendly harbours in more than 60 countries and we work together, coordinated against crime because, unfortunately it knows no boundaries, which are constantly served through global TV brain washing.

Join us in creating the future and contact us at: headquarters@piratskapartija.com!

Pirates of Serbia, September 2012


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